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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Good Advice On Doing Just About Anything

Sequential Tart: Redirected Male - Neil Kleid (vol V/iss 10/October 2002): "TIME: Comics aren't a race. No one is telling you your comic needs to be on the stands next week. Let's say you have a story idea, right? Now you need the time to write it. Okay � Brian Bendis has said on more than one occasion he writes while he's biking. He carries a pad with him and jots down ideas as he does his exercise. I do the same thing when I'm jogging. I write while I'm on the subway. I write when I'm in the bathroom. You find the time. Doing comics is a lot like school � you have to set time aside to do your homework. Schedule an hour. One hour of your day when no one bothers you, nothing distracts you. During that hour you set a goal � five pages of script, one page of pencils. There's no rush � you're not on DC Comics deadline here, right? Take it easy, do the best work you think you can.
Think about this � how much TV do you watch? How often do you find yourself sitting for hours in front of video games � be honest with yourself. I haven't watched TV in a while � maybe its 'cause there's nothing I like on, I dunno ... fact is, I'm worlds more productive without it. Look at your daily schedule, re-budget your day, and figure out what you can do to find that one hour to be productive. Again, this is no race.
But remember � you need to put the time in in order to get the work done. It's just not going to happen any other way."


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