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Monday, August 15, 2005

Oh Please - Anybody read the Book of Genesis Lately? - LOCAL NEWS
Denver libraries put in a bind
Officials of the city's system, which this month pulled 6,000 racy Spanish-language picture books from its shelves, are worried that a full review of its 2.5 million books, CDs and videos may follow: The city's chief librarian ordered the books' removal from all libraries, pending a review of each book's content. A few hundred of the novellas so far have been stored in four cardboard boxes inside the library's main offices downtown.

"Racy, adult-oriented Spanish-language novellas stripped from shelves of Denver's public libraries are hardly the only picture books with strong sexual content available to children in the city's 22 branches.

A Denver Post review of English-language illustrated novels and comics taken from a handful of libraries citywide shows books containing nudity, sexual acts and violence against women.

Under library policy, the books - most of which were found in juvenile reading sections - are available to everyone. "


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