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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Well It Is Texas After All...

Hometown News: "On Friday morning, the school district suspended Coach Brian Spivey - an English and social studies teacher at the high school. On Friday afternoon Coach Spivey quit.

School Superintendent Rick Summers would not go on camera with KBTV-4 News but said over the phone the district disciplined Spivey after he told several high school students to visit a website called poets dot com."

-- Disclaimer: I spent all of 5 minutes on the site (had to register). Some of the poetry is pretty good. Most of it isn't And yeah under the "Sensual" section there's some randy language but it's THE SENSUAL SECTION and these are high school kids after all. "Doin' 50 In A 25" under the "Humorous" section is not to be missed. - Barry


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