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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Dirty Little Secret or Mountain Out Of a Molehill?

MSNBC - Blogging Beyond the Men's Club: "So why, when millions of blogs are written by all sorts of people, does the top rung look so homogeneous? It appears that some clubbiness is involved. [Halley] Suitt puts it more bluntly: 'It's white people linking to other white people!' (A link from a popular blog is this medium's equivalent to a Super Bowl ad.) Suitt attributes her own high status in the blogging world to her conscious decision to 'promote myself among those on the A list.'" [Note: Consider that it's a little shortsighted to criticize a group for promoting it's own. Also what's considered "best" or "top" is pretty parochial. I mean it's like Baseball hosting the "World" Series every year without fielding teams from Puerto Rico, Japan, and Cuba to name a few. - Barry]


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