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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Another Nudge I'm Trying To Ignore

A FEW MINUTES WITH: The candle man: "You could work all your life in an office, behind a desk, finding comfort in your regular paycheck.

Or you could -- at age 50 -- quit everything and start making candles.

You could rent a commercial loft in the heart of Detroit and become a one-person production line, melting wax, pouring it into jars, adding scents and colors and wicks. Then you could name each candle after something in your city and write a little history to explain the name.

You could create a slick Web site and persuade a half-dozen Detroit stores to display your product.

And a year after you struck out on your own, you could find yourself feeling like Carl Allison: healthier and happier, even if a little lighter in the wallet."


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