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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Yeah, But She Doesn't Have "Knife Skills"

BREITBART.COM - Pumping iron, with Condoleezza Rice: "'She is tough, I have to tell you,' said Barbara Harrison, a news co-anchor with the NBC4 channel in Washington who persuaded Rice, 51, to put on her gym sweats and participate in a regular segment on health and fitness.

'She is amazing. The amount of weights she handles and the endurance she has ... As a person who has exercised all my life, I was very impressed,' said Harrison, who joined in the workout at the State Department gym with Rice and her personal trainer."

Where Do I Sign Up My Daughter To Learn This?

YouTube - knife skills

Monday, February 27, 2006

About Time

Ala. Paper Publishes Civil Rights Photos - Yahoo! News: "The photos had been in a box marked: 'Keep. Do Not Sell.' But at the time they were taken, the newspaper didn't want to draw attention to the racial discord of the 1950s and 1960s, news photographers from the period said."

Octavia Butler, 1947 - 2006

Octavia Butler, 1947-2006: Sci-fi writer a gifted pioneer in white, male domain: "'It is a cliche to say that she was too good a soul, but it's true. What she really conveyed in her writing was the deep pain she felt about the injustices around her. All of it was a metaphor for war, poverty, power struggles and discrimination. All of that hurt her very deeply, but her gift was that she could use words for the pain and make the world better.'

Fred Phelps Needs A Hug | 02/27/2006 | Fire, brimstone the surest way to say you're gay: "Can you say ''self hatred,'' boys and girls? Come on, isn't it obvious? The poor fellow is gayer than a Bette Midler AIDS benefit. In San Francisco.

He needs not our condemnation but our understanding. Maybe someday he'll find the strength to stop living this lie. He might just go on to be the greatest gay rights activist this country has ever known. Maybe then, in the arms of the right man, he'll stop hurting."

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Believe It Or Not, An Important Plot Point....

Embalming: "Embalming does not preserve the human body forever; it merely delays the inevitable and natural consequences of death. There is some variation in the rate of decomposition, depending on the strength of the chemicals and methods used, and the humidity and temperature of the final resting place."

Friday, February 24, 2006


CorpWatch : US: Outsourcing Is Climbing Skills Ladder: "In a survey of more than 200 multinational corporations on their research center decisions, 38 percent said they planned to 'change substantially' the worldwide distribution of their research and development work over the next three years — with the booming markets of China and India, and their world-class scientists, attracting the greatest increase in projects.

Whether placing research centers in their home countries or overseas, the study said, companies often use similar criteria. The quality of scientists and engineers and their proximity to research centers are crucial.

The study contended that lower labor costs in emerging markets are not the major reason for hiring researchers overseas, though they are a consideration. Tax incentives do not matter much, it said.

Instead, the report found that multinational corporations were global shoppers for talent. The companies want to nurture close links with leading universities in emerging markets to work with professors and to hire promising graduates."