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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

State Of Grace

Well Dance Then
"As I walked home after class I felt the energy coursing through my body - even my hair felt alive and charged with electricity. My stride lengthened, my chin was lifted as if a giant balloon was tied to the top of my head. I silently thanked my thick and powerful thighs for helping me to leap; I thanked my rather large feet for holding me up and for securing a steady landing time and again. I thanked my arms for lifting and for helping me to keep my balance. I thanked the insecure, bashful me for stepping aside long enough for allowing me to see this dream through to fruition. I'll return to Jacky's class as long as my body and my finances will allow, and even after one or both of those things falls away through the sands of time or circumstance, the memory - physical, mental, spiritual - will live with me always. "


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