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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Chick Lit for Black Chicks

Chick Lit for Black Chicks: "Black women approaching or already ensconced in their thirties are searching for their own print version of HBO's hit series Sex and the City. "

"Reading Chick Lit for black girls is akin to watching an extended hip hop music video. The male and female characters are up on the latest everything from what hot car to drive, which cocktail to drink, what sport to watch or play, and which slang to use. They are also culturally astute. They know the name of every kind of sushi and are familiar with every visual artist ever exhibited in a gallery. They have computer generated personalities, infallible with no humanizing quirks. The central issue, though ostensibly written as finding self-love and fulfilling work, is finding a good man and appearing like a good Christian woman. And the pile of them churning out of the publishing houses grows and expands every day."


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